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Company News

Hi all, it was a very positive week last week.

Technology reviews

I've been testing 2D animation software that will work with my current setup. I had always planned to become an animator who was capable of 2D and 3D animation. However, until I started exploring I was only aware of software that would require me to change my entire setup in order to produce the best quality animations that I can manage.

Then I started looking into software that would work either on an android, or a fire HD 8 or above.

I came across one that would run on my smart phone, Animation Desk. It seemed perfect at first as it was free to download and run, and there were enough of the important features there. However, after using it for a while to try and create an animated short, I found a number of glitches, that were not ideal for animator at any level.

There are glitches like the frame refreshing whenever you tilted it to far, and sometimes losing a considerable amount of progress in the process. This is disheartening even as a professional. To someone who is still at novice level, it's the kind of thing that would discourage people to pursue a career in the industry.

I then found another software that would run on any new enough android, fire hd, ios, or windows device. You only pay a small amount of money for each download to a different device.


Rough Animator doesn't offer as many features as Animation Desk, but it has all of the important ones, including onion skin, an easy-to-use interface, the ability to import music and images, and the ability to upload direct to any platform with a web address.  In addition the software is altogether mor stable. All of this makes Rough Animator the ideal solution for my company.

Series news

Harmony House

Steady progress has been made on Harmony House. A first draft of a script and storyboard has been created and just needs to be proof read, or reviewed.

I am at this point continuing to build characters, but things will progress much quicker now.


I have been busy writing the script for the next instalment of Animation and the Art of Storytelling. I will be recording it later this week and uploading it onto youtube.

Movie News

All of the latest news on current productions.

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The Guardian and the Gatekeeper

So you can catch this short movie on eBaba, Local now, Herogo TV, Flix house, Megogo TV, Mometu, Radient TV, TCL, Vivalive TV, and Zoneify.

Stay tuned for updates.

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The Wolves and the Hunter

This short has finally been completed and handed to Binge Networks for distribution.


The Gentle Giant of Minotonia: The Movie

I did indeed work on this last week, but I ran out of steam, so never actually put it up on YouTube. 

I will, however put that up on YouTube possibly Friday.


This short received some creative attention last week as I began building Hector, one of the central characters. I will be recording the process and uploading it on to YouTube. The first episode is currently up.

Bubble and Squeak

I have run into problems with my existing tablet, the processing chip seems to be faulty, so I am going to have to put this project on a back burner until I can upgrade my studio.

The Legend of Knossos

The Knossos project which, judging by the script is more of a feature than a short, will be worked on after the release of The Gentle Giant of Minotonia: The Movie, whenever that will be.

Sidney the Warrior

Sidney the Warrior

Work on this project has been put on hold.

The Rat Movie

I have written the first draft of the outline, but I am yet to review it.

Rise of the Sasquatch

I have a new project in development here at PunkCocker Animations.

Introducing Rise of the Sasquatch.

The human world is dying as a result of a pandemic. The sasquatches which have remained hidden, begin to emerge from the shadows as the human population dwindles.

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