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At the moment I can't take anymore work on.

Animation Service

Here at PunkCocker Animations I offer an animation service.

I can animate the following

  • Adverts

  • Explainer videos

  • stories

  • I'm at capacity in terms of animated series for now, but if you have a script that you would like me to turn into a short, I can do that

In todays market, it is more important than ever that people feel they can bring in enough money to keep a company financially viable.

That is why I do my best to keep my rates as low as possible. My rates are £20 per minute of animated footage plus VAT @ 20%.

This may seem like a lot, but you have to take into account that even with 3d animation 30 seconds worth of animated footage creates ours of work.


Contrary to popular belief 3d animation isn't easier than traditional 2d animation, the process is just different. Also, in either case, there is no such thing as a short term project in animation.

With this in mind I would ask that you be realistic with your deadlines. A 5 minute video can take 6 months to complete depending on the complexity.

For more information and a no obligation consultation and quote contact us using the form below. Please provide the length of the footage you require and your contact details so that we can discuss with you what you need and whether we can find a workable solution for both of us.


Thanks for submitting!

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